CookingLast year house was extended, including a reasonable sized kitchen-diner. This has revolutionised family evenings. It’s so much easier managing cooking evening meals for the children while they can sit in the same room.

The same goes for talking to the cook. It’s so much more pleasant to be able to chat while preparing meals.

When we planned our new kitchen, we decided a dual fuel range cooker would match our needs, and we have not been disappointed with it.

We cook whole food as much as possible and it is all vegetarian, predominently vegan. We also try to source UK grown fruit and veg, or European at least. This leads to a limited repertoire in the winter months, but we do try to stick to it where we can.


One thought on “Kitchen”

  1. Some great photos and ideas. Perhaps Damian has an affiliation with son Don who is a chef. Although Don cooks traditional style as required by his occupation. He’s not cooking at the moment, professionally that is, he is now helping to sell wine at the cellar door. His partner Jo is the cellar door manager at another winery so you can see they both enjoy their wine (me too!!). I am shocked and dissappointed that you only use UK and European food. WHAT’S WRONG WITH GOOD OLD OZ PRODUCTS? I do understand the reasons – we have the same problems: picked up a packet of rice at the supermarket recently. The label showed ‘Koala Rice’, now you would be forgiven for thinking that this was an Australian product. Wrong!! it was from Thailand. We didn’t buy it. Good luck with your work etc. and keep in touch. Got Bob’s letter. Alex and Marlene (OZ)

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