I grew up in a green-fingered world with my Mum and Grandma very keen plants-women and both dab hands at growing their own (Gramps too!). When I reached my late 20’s I suddenly understood what all the fuss was about and sure enough became a plantaholic myself.

Here are some photos I’ve taken of some of my favourite plants in our garden.

Forget-me-not in detail
These really add to the woodland feel to the often shaded back garden
batchelors buttons
The Kerria Japonica always puts on a vibrant show at the back of the house
Crab apple blossum
I look forward to the crab apple blossom every year, it means spring is really underway!
Euphorbia in the back garden
This honey spurge was a lovely addition last year and I'm still so pleased with the early strength of colour it brings
Aquilegia Nora Barlow
A real favourite from last year, so I added another Nora Barlow aquilegia this year as well as a Pink Barlow. It complements the Sarah Bernhardt Peony perfectly!
Aquilegia Black Barlow
A dark purple aquilegia in the front, set off perfectly by the acid yellow of the dwarf euphorbia - soon to be enhanced by the alchemilla mollis
Ajuga reptans as ground cover
Love the bronze of the leaves and the pretty flowering spikes of this Ajuga reptans in the back garden, soon to be added to bare patches in the front too
Having had lovely self seeding verbenas in the front garden for the last few years, I finally bought an established one for the back. I chose an apricot to complement the new foxglove and poppies.
Orange poppies
Poppies in the front garden showing promise of bright colour


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  1. Hi Linda, I’m so used to using WordPress’s Follow feature that I didn’t add my own, which is now rectified… Thank you, and look forward to reading more about your rescue dogs and wildlife garden – both things we adore here!

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