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A winter of windbreak fencing

One of the things on my list last year was to install windbreak fencing along the East and West borders of our plot. It took a fair while to clear the area, get the poles, get help to place the poles in situ and get the fencing up – several months in fact. Stakes installedErecting East fenceInstalling the fencingWest fence in

We noticed a difference in the level of wind immediately. By October, when we finally got both the East and West fences completed, we could also feel a slight temperature increase inside the plot.

2014-10-18 15.28.04

We have been up there this afternoon starting to dig over the beds (a bit late, I know), and we are so pleased that we invested in the windbreak. Despite several gales over the winter, nothing has been flung into the side of the poly tunnel, and everything seems fairly in tact. Sadly, we have also made it more comfortable for the resident rabbit, but hopefully the dogs will help to persuade our furry visitor that it’s not a safe haven after all.

Windbreak fencing West

You can just about see in this photo that the wind coming up the valley has bent the poles inwards – a strengthening job will be required in the next couple of months. It was expensive – around £200 for the fencing and another £50 for the wooden stakes (we got half and our plot neighbours the other half). They helped us to hammer them all in.

Time to start focusing on our planting plans – and watch the rhubarb grow :-)

Emerging rhubarb