Friday Frogs

I’ve been keeping my eye on the small wildlife pond in the back garden for signs of awakening. When I was topping up the bird feeders this morning I spotted a single frog in the back corner. When I went out to collect the laundry basket in at twilight, there were four.

I was so excited, but by the time I went back with my camera only three were there. It’s clear to see that there is a male piggy-backing on a female, so I hope there will be frog spawn very soon.

As happy as I am to see the emergence of my wildlife friends in the garden, I also feel quite sad. This time of year usually sees many amphibians squashed on the roadside, as they sluggishly make their way back to their breeding ponds. If you live near toad breeding areas, you might find the Toads on Roads campaign helpful. So please take care in your cars and on bikes to look out for frogs & toads crossing the road.
Frog Toad crossing


One thought on “Friday Frogs”

  1. I had no idea frogs/toads would be out and about this early in the year. I hadn’t heard of Toads on Roads before – I’ll have a look.We found a toad sheltering behind plant pots by our front door last year – it was great to get a close look, before we move him back nearer our pond.

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