Winter home-grown dinners

With home-grown dishes far less frequent over the winter months, dinner on Monday night was a real treat. During a break in the rain I managed to spend about half an hour at the allotment. I dug a few leeks and snipped a selection of leaves: Bright Lights chard, Cavolo Nero and (what we think is) Red Ursa Kale.

Our stores of home-grown produce are really depleted now.  Given the small size of our plot that is no surprise. But in this dish our home-grown ingredients include garlic, leeks, the leaves and our 2013 chilli jam.

Stir fry with home-grown leaves & smoked tofu

In a wok, heat 1cm covering of vegetable oil

Smash 1 garlic clove and add to the oil

Fry the cubed, drained smoked tofu

Set aside on kitchen paper to drain

Wedge  1 small onion and finely chop 1 inch of ginger root

Prepare leaves, leeks and 1 stick celery

Add 1 tbsp sesame oil to wok

Fry ginger, onion and garlic in that order before adding leeks

Keep tossing the wok. Add 1-2 tbsp tamari sauce

Add 1-2 tsp Chilli Jam, or a freshly chopped chilli and a dash of honey if none

Add the celery and then the leaves

Squeeze half to a full lemon, and more tamari to taste

Season, then toss through smoked tofu cubes

Serve hot with egg-fried basmati rice

– Happy tummies, happy kids –

Greens 'n leeksGreensLeeksFrying cubed tofuChilli JamWinter stir fry


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