Allotment Apprentices

Our boys have always had a love-hate relationship with the allotment. When we announce we are going up there, we are usually met with protest. I have to say I can’t blame them – we are always busy and it’s often a cold, windy and boring for them, no matter how much we enthuse about them having a plot and growing their own flowers and veg.

So when I saw the Joseph Bentley Apprentice spade and fork twin pack on sale, I wondered if this might change. The boys are too small to use adult sized equipment, but too big and strong for the Yeominis hand tools (which frankly I managed to bend within a minute of demonstrating). The spade and fork arrived…the boys were delighted. They are just the right size, and I really think they will help maintain motivation.

These small-scale tools have solid ash handles and stainless steel heads with treads. They are smaller than border forks and spades, but still useful for places like the back of the poly- tunnel and less accessible places to reach. They feel really nice to hold and are a good weight.

Yesterday, J helped me turn over and weed the left hand bed in the poly-tunnel with his apprentice fork, and J & T set to the top bed to remove some of the clumps of grass. Not bad for an hour after school. T is still a bit young, but J really loved making a difference.

And to finish off our hour in the fresh air nicely, the geese flew over just before sunset.

The geese flying east for the night
The geese flying east for the night