A Fresh Start!

Around two years ago, some bad storms saw our mini fabric greenhouses uprooted and flung through the side of the poly tunnel. The tunnel has remained in a sorry state of gradual disrepair, until last year when we were politely reminded that unattended plots were being rehomed. We took down the straggling bits of plastic straight away, so that our allotment neighbours did not have to put up with the unsightly mess, knowing that we were not in a position to sort the tunnel out then with some unfortunate leg surgery and longer than expected recovery.

For the last two years we have cropped plenty of potatoes, onions, garlic and the fruit from the bushes we have. But we have really missed the glut of tomatoes, cucumbers and fresh leaves like pak choi. This year will be different.

A break in the cold weather saw us up at the allotment 3 afternoons in a row, with 3 spectacular sunsets.

Sunset 1Sunset 2Sunset 3

We have measured up, bought the replacement polythene, ordered aluminium tracks to hold it down, and started the clearing. The right hand bed was laced with nettle roots, those are gone. The other bed will have to wait for better weather to be weeded.

Digging out perennial rootsRoots dug out